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AMAZING Lifetime Funnel Software DEAL (a STEAL, really…)

AMAZING Lifetime Funnel Software DEAL (a STEAL, really…)

A GrooveFunnels Review

Over the years, I have grown fond of a few things...coffee, the wind in my hair, and lifetime access to great software for a one-time price. Getting in on the ground level of any software is an amazing opportunity, because it saves you THOUSANDS over the years.

Now, I have had a couple of softwares tank on me a few years after buying them. Even so, I managed to make my money back on them before they closed down. So, I was surprised to find a lifetime funnel software the other day.

If you are looking for a ClickFunnels lifetime deal? Forget it! ...but Luke, there is another! In case you haven’t heard, Click Funnels has some competition! They are called GrooveFunnels! 👍🏼

Luke! Once you get GrooveFunnels lifetime funnel software, forever will it dominate your destiny!

So, GrooveFunnels is certainly a funnel software...but oh so much more. The entire funnel suite has a lot of different components to it that allow users to market more effectively. In fact, there are a whopping 20 softwares that come bundled with this! Here is a list of them:

  • GroovePages (like ClickFunnels, but also a website builder)
  • GrooveMail (like MailChimp)
  • GrooveFunnel Mapping (visual representation of your funnels)
  • GrooveAutomations (automation software)
  • GrooveMember (membership site software)
  • GrooveVideo (advanced video platform)
  • GrooveSell (eCommerce)
  • GrooveKart (for eCommerce)
  • GroovePay (for processing transactions)
  • GrooveWebinars (webinar platform)
  • GrooveWebinar Automation
  • GrooveStreaming
  • GrooveSurvey (like Survey Monkey)
  • GrooveQuiz (quiz software)
  • GrooveBlog (blogging software)
  • GrooveDesk (ticket support software)
  • GrooveCalendar (scheduling tool)
  • GroovePipe CRM
  • GrooveProof (like TrustPulse)
  • GrooveSDK (devkits for custom integrations)

Get this lifetime funnel software and fulfill your destiny!

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As you can see, this is a huge software arsenal for attacking your market. Right now, the software is functional and mostly feels smooth. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some rough edges here and there. But here’s the thing...the guy behind this, Mike Filsaime, is the same guy who was responsible for brining you WebinarJam. If Mike has sunk his teeth into something this big, he’s not letting go until he has significant market saturation. In other words, this lifetime funnel software will be around for a long time...well, not so much the opportunity to purchase lifetime access. That window is closing in the near future and once it’s gone, it won’t be back.

So, as they say, “no time like the present” and “strike while the iron is hot!” You can get your copy of Groove by CLICKING HERE.

While I am giving you great advice (for free)... you also shouldn’t miss another opportunity…

I am a part of a great group of entrepreneurs...it’s a roundtable sort of. We bounce a lot of stuff off each other and share what’s working, how we are succeeding, and we keep each other’s spirits up. People rarely succeed in a vacuum. We are socially engineered to live our fullest when we are with other likeminded people. What can I say, success loves company!

Anyways, if you’re interested, you can apply here. Don’t worry, this isn’t based on your income, you don’t have to drive a Mazzeratti or live on Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach… Your acceptance into this group will be based on your drive and your ability to take action!

So check it out HERE!

BTW, here is the video version of this post:

Until next time…

~ Joshua

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